Kitchen Remodel, Part 1

Saturday, October 02, 2010

While Reagan is in school, I am working on updating our home. We started with the kitchen. Our kitchen had the builder cabs in a very, very light stain, and I painted the walls many years ago in a sage green. It was nice, but we needed to freshen up the space.


After reading a friend's blog and seeing her beautiful white cabinets that she painted herself, I decided that I could do that too! So, I did. Which led to us adding hardware to our naked doors and drawers. We bought our hardware from Ikea, and it has completely changed the look of the kitchen! I can not believe we didn't do this years ago.

Painting the cabinets inspired me to change our kitchen wall color. I was leaning towards a slate blue or a chocolate brown, but decided blue would be fun and different. I slapped up some color choices and we picked one.

On a side note--in the following picture you'll notice that I have already taped off the walls to protect the trim and the cabinets that I had worked so hard on. While taping off the kitchen there were some places on the ceiling that I couldn't tape so well, so I decided to just go slowly on those edges with a small angled brush. Hours of watching HGTV told me to do that. Let me tell you--the places where I did not tape look so much better than the areas where I did tape. I'm going to have to go back and do several touch ups in the upcoming days.

Which one did we choose??

Oh, that picture above is so deceiving. I will say that we picked the third color--the one right above the super dark navy. We made a very bold color choice. And we are pleased with it. It will take some time getting used to it, and I'm going to have to keep telling myself "It doesn't matter what other people think..."

Because the color doesn't read the same on the computer as it does in real life, just think "Dallas Cowboys". Our kitchen is the ultimate fan kitchen. All we need are stainless steel appliances to match the Cowboys silver pants, and we're all set!

The next things needing to be done is our kitchen floor--the tile has been purchased and has been sitting in our garage for 7 years. Not an exaggeration. It has become sort of a family joke that I've been living with concrete for the past year.

We will also be installing new counter tops in the near future. As well as new lighting and painting our ceiling white.

The next project is painting the other walls in the house--including our eating area which will no longer be green.

But it will also not be Cowboy blue.